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About Me...Joe

Being able to capture high quality and emotive special moments; and editing them to produce both high quality and large printable memories from perspectives that you would miss as an individual or family member is an absolute pleasure; and it is simply something you need to step away from your camera phone and ask someone else to do for you.

I personally love sport – but am also a family man; a single father and primary carer for two amazing kids (aged 9 and 11) – both have also picked up the photography bug and have had cameras since they were each only 4 years old.  I love having family photography day trips and seeing their photos.  It’s great to see the world from their perspective in their pictures as they grow up – it also reminds and aids me so much in ensuring I capture my photos from the perspective of young children too.

These two loves have gravitated me towards action photography (eg. sports) and storytelling through a documentary style - such as family portraits and outdoor day trips, mini shoots and family events like baptisms / birthdays; along with documenting events such as Trade Shows or Expos etc. 

However, let’s face it and be honest. I, as with many photographers out there, am a photography hussy and love taking all types of shots, from landscapes to wildlife, street art to sports and you'll also see my avid aviation pictures from the Mach Loop in Wales!  Any excuse to be out with my 3rd child (Nikon) - I also regularly support both charities and community groups for free to aide them with their fundraising endeavours; including the likes of The Children's Hospice South West and Daz's Rock 4 Charity. 

Personally I’m looking for those natural moments where there is nobody else in the world;

  • Be it a child in a world of their own exploring the woods.

  • Siblings playing in the bluebells.

  • The adoring look in a mother’s eye when they look at their baby thinking nobody can see her.

  • The pride in a grandparents face as they are together with their entire family.

  • A father’s embrace of their loved ones.


These are the important human interaction moments I live for. 


These are the moments you should cherish in photo form.

What's my style?


My style is very much as a natural light, documentary / photojournalist approach.  I can hear you saying “but what does that arty-farty talk mean Joe?”

Well that means I like to be able to be unobtrusive, in the background enabling me to capture special moments that aren’t forced.

Why Choose Me? 

So, what do you get if you choose me to record your special moments?

The most important thing – Natural shots, not staged or forced photographs -   This is quite a traditional style, I’m happy to coordinate a small number (such as essential family that rarely see each other), but preferably, tell me who’s who and I’ll ensure they are captured in a natural way.


Unobtrusive.  You don’t want someone bossing you around; you want a ‘ghost’ who just happens to photograph everything!


Someone who cares about the sentiment and reasoning for the photos; and cares enough to provide cost effective options to ensure special memories can be captured and that high quality photography is accessible to all.

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